First Presbyterian Church | Huntington, WV


April Events



April 1, 2018 - Morning Worship, 10:45 - Easter Sunday
                      Message: Skip Siebel
                      Special Music by the Sanctuary Choir & FPC Orchestra
                      Note: One Great Hour of Sharing - For over sixty years,
                      our offering for this event has carried the message of         
                      God's love to people throughou the world.


April 8, 2018 - New adult Sunday School class - Messed Up.  The Bible offers us many examples of dysfunctional people.  In fact,it's almost impossible to find one who is functional.  Could it be that God deliberately has given us these models to show how humans may be messed up but can still fulfill their purpose in God's kingdom?  We will examine selected Bible characters to better understand the infinite patience of God in dealing with those who are messed up, and examine ways to cope with our own dysfunction and that of those we interact with daily.

April 8, 2018 - There will be a presentation by Mark Miller and Sarah Specht for anyone interested in joining the conversation concerning Bluestone and FPC's involvement in the Christian Center. They will meet with us immediately after church for a light lunch and discussion.  RSVP with Skip.

April 13, 2018 - Empty Bowls - Friday, 10:30 - 2:30.  For a $15.00 donation you will receive a modest lunch of soup, bread and drink plus a hand crafted ceramic bowl.  Proceeds will benefit the Facing Hunger Food Bank. 



LOGOS every Wednesday, 4:30 - 7:45 pm.Children ages 3 years to 12 grade, and their parents are invited to join us for our "midweek miracle" that takes place through March 2018.  Brochures are available in FPC's Friendship Hall, or you can email Margaret Robateau at Schlorships are available. Join us in August when we begin again!

Vacation Bible School - June 24 - 28, At Shipwrecked VBS, children will have a fun, creative time of worship filled with singing, and dancing, science-fun, games and most importantly, hands on bible-learning experiences. Volunteers and participants can use the following link to register today!