Maintenance Supervisor

Dexter Shoemaker likes to say he grew up at First Presbyterian Church since he has been employed here for thirty-eight years.  He gives his father credit for teaching him the skills of how to repair, install and generally take care of property as he grew up.  He first came to work at FPC as the custodian and learned all the idiosyncrasies of this 125 year old building from his supervisor, John Freeman.  When John retired Dexter became the Maintenance Supervisor of the church.  As the Maintenance Supervisor, it is with loving care he has managed, cleaned, painted, installed and repaired almost every part of this historic building.

For Dexter First Presbyterian isn’t just a place he works, he said, ‘I truly love all the members and we have grown quite fond of each other joking and laughing like an extended family.’ Dexter can often be seen after hours stepping up to help with many of our projects like building the manse at Cabwaylingo, helping with Christmas displays or bringing snacks to the Recovery group at 1018.

Over the years Dexter has seen many of his goals for the church accomplished such as the sanctuary being painted last year.  Dexter continues to have high standards for the structure and wants the church building to be maintained in the fashion it deserves.  Dexter is a lifelong Baptist and loves spending time with his family which includes three grown children and six grandchildren.