Director of Children’s Programs Ministry

Margaret Robateau has deep roots at First Presbyterian Church in that she is a third-generation member. Her father Jay grew up in this church and her grandfather, John Hayes served as the Minister of Education in the mid 1900s.  She commented, ‘ When I joined First Pres I had no idea I would end up being a staff member with responsibilities in the same ministry area as my grandfather so many years ago.’

Margaret’s father was in the Navy and when the family was stationed in Japan she was born there. Once he left the Navy they returned to Huntington where her parents had grown up and she has lived here ever since.  She married her high school sweetheart Paul and they have two grown sons.

Margaret graduated from Marshall University with a degree in Business Information Systems in 1987.  From there she worked in the corporate world in the field of technology before health issues interrupted her path. She says it was blessing in disguise in that she got to spend more time doing things that counted to her.  She said, ‘time with my family, volunteering with the school system and embracing the church were a window God opened when others closed.  One of her church activities was volunteering with FPC’s Wednesday evening family program,  LOGOS where she was designated the volunteer ‘Comforter Greeter’ in 2003. In 2012 the church decided to make the LOGOS Coordinator and the Vacation Bible School Coordinator a permanent staff position so Margaret came on board at as the Director of Children’s Programs Ministry.

For many years Margaret volunteered in the community particularly in the school system and with United Way.  In her present position she devotes her spare time to church related activities particularly those that engage our congregants in intergenerational activities. She believes the success of LOGOS is it brings people of all ages, backgrounds and interests together while learning about God and his love for us.   Her goal in her position is make sure these programs remain vibrant and reaches as many people as possible.  She feels her life has been truly blessed by this ministry program.

Treat Everyone as A Child of God. LOGOS

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