Administrative Assistant

One of the first people to greet visitors to FPC during the week is our Administrative Assistant, Melissa Burns.  Melissa has long been associated with First Presbyterian Church, first through her sister, then by bringing her children who are now adults to Logos, she and her husband became members in 2009.  Melissa attended Huntington Junior College and first came to work at First Pres as the housekeeper and then graduated to secretary in 2016 so she has a unique and deep knowledge of many aspects of the church.

Melissa has always been involved as a volunteer in many of the mission activities of the church.  She has a particular interest in our 1018 project that helps those in Recovery.  She regularly donates snacks and supplies plus encourages the participants to stay in touch with family and friends with the cards and calendars she brings them.  She and her husband are most concerned with the overpopulation of cats in our community and participate in the Trap, Neuter, Release program.

Her goal as the Administrative Assistant is to ‘anticipate areas of the day to day operation of FPC that could be improved upon so that all ministries, employees and congregants have current and accurate information needed as they interact with the church.’

‘Grow volunteer groups.’

Melissa may be contacted at the church Monday through Friday or through her church email: