Know — Grow — Go

Our Purpose is:

  • to help children know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • to help children grow in their faith as followers of Jesus.
  • to help children go out into the world to represent Him.

Our Goals:

FPC provides a loving and stimulating environment that allows all children the opportunity to develop:

  • a dynamic relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • a loving relationship with brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • a love and hunger for the Word of God.
  • the skills to put their faith into action (worship, prayer, service, Bible study, giving).
  • the desire to continually seek and follow God’s Will.


Our mid-week miracle, for children Pre-K through high school, meets Wednesdays, September through March, from 4:30-7:45pm. LOGOS, where everyone is treated as a child of God, has been a cherished ministry at FPC for well over 20 years. Many children who grew up attending LOGOS are now volunteering in a myriad of adult positions! The program is designed to build strong, loving, Christian relationships. Four components are integral to LOGOS—Bible Study, Recreation/Play, Family Time, and Worship Skills. Everyone is treated as a child of God as they play, share, study, sing, create, eat, and laugh together! We enjoy a sense of family, too. Parents, members of the congregation, and church staff all share their time, talents, and gifts to make this wonderful ministry possible. Come experience LOGOS!

The Nursery

We offer an unstaffed nursery area, with rocking chairs and toys for kids.  If your little one is too antsy to sit through the whole service, feel free to make use of our Nursery, on the First Level, Room 119.  There is a changing table, as well as a child sized toilet and sink in the attached bathroom.

The Promise Patch

This ministry, for children ages 3, 4 and 5, meets every Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30. Through Bible stories, artistic expression, and play, this group celebrates the love of Jesus, and the joy Christians share when they’re together. The curriculum is Growing in Grace & Gratitude. The children have take-home supplements that encourage Grace Sightings! The Promise Patch is located on the First Level, Room 118.

Agape Village

This workshop rotation Sunday school program, for children in grades 1-5, meets every Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30. In Agape Village our goal is to fully engage and excite children as they explore key Bible stories and truths that reveal God’s will and unconditional love. Units of study last 4-6 weeks, allowing children time to explore, process, apply and retain the concepts being taught through multiple uses of media, including drama, science, art, storytelling, computers, cooking, games, theater, puppets, and music. We utilize many of the ways in which each child learns. The benefit is greater retention and a lot of fun! The Opening is in The Courtyard, Level Three, Room 316.

Children and Worship

This multi-sensory worship experience for children first grade and under, meets Sunday mornings during the 10:45 worship service, September through May, immediately following Time with Children. This is a special time when young children can experience and worship God. They meet in The Temple, Level Three, Room 317.

Vacation Bible School

Always the last week of June, children in Preschool through Grade 5 learn Biblical truths through songs, storytelling, recreation, science, snacks, and crafts. This is a full church-community event, where members and friends of all ages participate in a myriad of volunteer positions, beginning months in advance with the decorating teams and those who collect or donate items, to the writing team, the up-front crew, teachers, helpers, shepherds, staff and, of course, the children!  We choose a new theme each year.

We’d love to have your children join us!