There are five catalysts for spiritual growth that should guide the development and implementation of a church’s Adult Discipleship Program. The five catalysts are:

  • Biblical Teaching
  • Personal Bible Reading, Study & Reflection
  • Personal Ministry
  • Mentoring/Modeling Relationships
  • Life-Changing Experiences

Biblical Teaching

If we are to grow in our faith, we must have an ever-increasing knowledge of the content of Scripture. At FPC every church member is given a variety of opportunities to engage in practical biblical study. We offer a variety of avenues for learning—Sunday school, small group Bible studies, lectures, online learning, video curriculums, special programs, conferences, and retreats. Our Sunday morning sermons bring the Bible alive by applying the truth of Scripture to our lives in a way that enables the Holy Spirit to transform us.

Personal Bible Reading, Study & Reflection

Personal growth in the faith is always connected to the development of a private devotional life. At FPC every church member is given the tools and the encouragement to maintain a private devotional life. The discipline of personal study, reflection, meditation, and prayer tunes our hearts to the heart of God. When God speaks to us personally through His Word or prayer, our faith is strengthened.

Personal Ministry

At FPC we encourage every member to be engaged in personal ministry inside the church and/or outside of the church. When we experience how God can use us to serve His kingdom and touch the lives of others, our faith is strengthened. Through personal example, our church leaders emphasize the importance of personal ministry. We are all provided the opportunity, encouragement, and support to find success in our personal ministry endeavors.

Mentoring/Modeling Relationships

God places people in our lives who will inspire, instruct, and encourage us. Throughout our faith journeys, our lives will providentially intersect with others—a friend, relative, pastor, speaker, or writer. FPC’s Adult Discipleship Ministry encourages and fosters mentoring/modeling relationships. In some cases, long-term relationships will be formed. In others, the relationship may not be face-to-face, but through books, lectures, or conferences.

Life-Changing Experiences

As we grow in our faith, we will experience defining moments, mountain top experiences, in which we encounter God in new and powerful ways. Mission trips, conferences, retreats, or concerts can be faith-defining moments. At FPC such events are planned and promoted. We encourage individuals to seek and experience life-changing moments, events through which God comes alive in new, fresh, and dynamic ways.