In 1838, “The Western Presbyterian Church” was organized by 18 Cabell County Presbyterians in the then unfinished Chapel at Marshall Academy. In 1872, land was purchased on Fifth Avenue and a small church was erected at the rear of the lot. It contained a 900-pound bell (at a cost of $296!), which is the same bell that hangs in our present bell tower. The cornerstone of our present Sanctuary was laid August 18, 1885, with the first worship service held on September 20, 1896. The cost for construction was a then staggering $22,000!

As Huntington grew, First Presbyterian Church also grew and was instrumental in the founding of several local Presbyterian congregations, including: Second (1908), Highlawn (1913), Beverly Hills (1945), Spring Valley (1945), Enslow (1949), Bates (1956), Rome (1958), Cabwaylingo (1958) and Green Valley (1959).

The following are some of the many high lights in our church history beginning in the early 1900s

  • 2014

    Dunlow Community Center (see above—Cabwaylingo Presbyterian Chapel)

  • 2009

    Members of FPC joined with other Christian leaders in the community to establish a Young Life ministry in Huntington. Young Life is an international organization with the goal of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with middle & high school students. The Young Life office and club room is located on the FPC campus.

  • 2008

    Sanctuary renovation.