Class of 2023

Linda Beaty (2)
Mary Clay Bays (1)
Doug Penn (1)

Class of 2024

Pat Gebhart (1)
Nick Blain (1)

Class of 2025

Sheryl Saul (2)
Joye Martin (1)
Larry Mankins (1)


Pat Gebhart
Sheryl Saul 

The evening before His crucifixion, Jesus gathered His friends and gave them a new command, 

“Love one another as I have loved you.”

The newness of this command is found not in the command to love, but in the type of love we are to give. We are to love as Jesus loved. As a community of faith, we believe it is imperative that we love one another as Jesus loved. In our life together, we seek to build a community in which we honor one another, encourage one another, forgive one another and bear one another’s burdens.

At FPC we believe the church should be a special community of faith where love, mercy, dignity and grace abound; a place where there are no strangers and everyone feels connected, known, valued and loved. We are committed to creating and sustaining such a community of faith.

The Deacon ministry is to nurture and serve the church through such activities as new member assimilation, planning all member social functions, checking in on members and in general being the caregivers of the congregation.  At times the ruling Session may give them special duties that relate to caring for the congregation. First Presbyterian Church has eight Deacons who serve three year terms – each year two to three Deacons are elected to replace those whose terms have expired.  The election of new Deacons and Elders take place in the spring/summer season so that they may be in place when the September programs begin. Deacons meet monthly to plan and pray for the congregation.