Director of Music Ministries/ Youth Ministry

Nick Blain is a child of the church! He and his brother grew up attending First Presbyterian Church along with their parents and they and their families are still active members.  Nick has long been a talented musician graduating from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Music in 2009. He then went on to get his Master of Music from the University of Louisville in 2011. He is currently active in the music ministry and the A/V ministry at FPC studying extensively with Dale Capehart and Jim Beaty.  Another hat that Nick wears is teaching private violin and piano lessons at the Aspire Conservatory in Ashland, Kentucky.

Nick’s history with First Pres is rich in that he grew up attending LOGOS and has been involved with the music program since he was a child.  Today he serves as a leader in LOGOS and has recently been elected to serve on the board of Deacons.  One of the more exciting programs he sponsors is a podcast-style interview program called FPC Talks that feature members of our church and community. This can be found on our YouTube channel. His goals for the music program at the church are ‘to make the music at FPC enriching and enlightening for our members as we glorify God and sing praises in His holy name.’

Outside of church, Nick is involved with the summer reading program at the Public Library.